Soil Test

I took a few soil samples last week so I could test them for levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (as well as acidity).  These are the main nutrients most vegetables need to grow strong and healthy.

Samples collected from different quadrants of the garden:Image

The soil is mixed with water and allowed to settle:


Then the water is mixed with chemicals which cause it to change color and thus indicate the level of nutrients present in the soil:Image

When it comes to soil fertility, a good balance is key.  Too much of one nutrient will “bind up” other nutrients and make them inaccessible to the plants.  I’ll take the results from this test into consideration when adding amendments to the garden in the spring and hopefully the plants (and our tastebuds) will reap the benefit!

(Thanks to my big bro Gilad for letting me use his soil test kit)

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