First Seeding

Last Sunday was the very first seeding of the year.  It may seem a little early, but Onions and Scallions need more time than most crops to be in the “greenhouse” (I don’t actually have a greenhouse, but that’s what I’m calling it) and will be going out on the first planting day.  First I made a soil mixture of potting soil, top soil, and compost.  I added a little moisture and mixed it to an even consistency.  The moisture is key for the next step, which is to pack the soil into soil blocks. If there isn’t enough moisture, the blocks will crumble and fall apart.



With my soil blocks made I’m ready to seed.


  Next I water them in and cover the tray with Saran Wrap to hold moisture while the seeds germinate.



  Then it’s just a matter of monitoring the temperature and moisture levels, and waiting for the seeds to germinate!

Day 5:


Day 7:



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