CSA Week 7 and July Update

We’ll get to this week’s share, but first a few exciting things.  First of all, some friends and family came together for a group art project and made a sign for the farm!  It looks so good I might just keep it for the eventual market stand…  It’s painted on a piece of tarp from the sandbox my brothers and I used to play in as kids.


This past weekend was my Block Party.  I gave a little tour to some neighbors who all seemed pretty excited about all the food we’re growing right here in our backyard.

DSCF3212 DSCF3213

And one of those tour takers was Greg Berlowitz from The Chicago Market who brought along his amazing family.


Summer is rolling along and we’re making the most of it here at Sandbox Organics.  This week’s share has some new exciting items in it.  For week 7 we’ve got:

Sungold Cherry tomatoes, red slicing tomatoes (first of the season), cucumbers, eggplant, squash, collard greens, sweet corn (and they said it couldn’t be done in the city), baby carrots, fresh garlic, and thyme.

tomatoes (22 of 22)

A big thanks to all the people who have come to volunteer!



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  1. The farm tour was awesome! People could not believe how much vegetables you can grow in a tiny backyard in the middle of the city. For most young city dwellers visiting the farm (and some adults as well!), this was the first time they saw vegetables in their environment before being harvest. Great experience!

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