CSA 15 and Fall Updates

Hey Y’all! CSA Week 15 has come and gone, and now we’re looking on to the last week of CSA ahead.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s see what Week 15 had in store:Photo: CSA Week 15: Butternut squash, red and white onions, dill, tomatoes, radishes, bok choy, hot peppers, Swiss chard, garlic, and thyme!

Butternut squash, red and white onions, fresh dill, tomatoes, French Breakfast radishes, bok choy, hot peppers, Swiss chard, garlic, and thyme!

It’s definitely getting chilly but thanks to our storage crops, and all the things still coming out of the ground, our shares are looking good!  For example, we harvested our entire onion crops weeks ago.  What have we been waiting for?  For them to cure of course!  Curing things like onions, garlic, potatoes, and winter squash increases their shelf life, naturally extending their seasonal availability.  After we pulled our onions out of the ground we left them in a room safe from rain and direct sun (which can cause rot and premature greening) until their foliage died back completely.  Then when we’re ready to use them all that’s left to do is trim the dead leaves, and rub off any dried dirt on the outer layers of skin.


As certain crops are coming out of the ground, like our onions, it’s good practice to replace them with a cover crop.  A cover crop is usually a grain or legume that you grow to hold the nutrients in the soil in between crops, and improve soil structure by incorporating their organic matter.  Here’s our planting of Winter Rye that followed our summer squash:

csaweek14 (1 of 1)

Look like a patch of grass?  Well, it is.  But simple practices like this are effective tools in sustainably managing agricultural land.

Speaking of sustainable practices, Mother Earth News has been highlighting Star Modern Homesteaders for the last three years.  These are people who are leading hands-on, self-sufficient lifestyles and want to share their experience.  I’m honored to be featured in this year’s cast of nominees.  Please, check it out!



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  1. Yoram, Following your project this entire year has been an amazing journey. From surveying customers’ preferences and budgeting, through blueprinting the entire season on spreadsheets, setting up a seedling nursery, shoveling away the snow that wouldn’t thaw, tilling, planting, and then protecting the freshly planted seedlings from more snow, to 400 square foot of dirt growing an impressive variety and quality of produce. It’s been a joyous ride. Thank you… and continued success next season, Aba

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