Hog Shares


Our purebred Tamworth hogs are rotationally grazed on fresh pasture here at the farm.  This means they enjoy all the wild forage their hearts desire as well as vegetable scraps from our fields and a mix of milled grains.  (Note: Though our hogs have a healthy and diverse buffet style diet, we do not feed them Organic feed grain due to cost prohibitive prices.  Consequently our pork is NOT certified Organic).

Shares are available by the whole or half hog or 50 lb packages.  A $300 Deposit is due at time of order. The total cost is $4.25/pound based on hog hanging weight. Average hog hanging weight is about 250 lbs, average half hog hanging weight is 125 lbs. Depending on your instructions to the butcher you’ll take home 70% – 80% of the hanging weight.

Above: Chef Chanel Gaude butchering one of our half hogs herself for Spoken Cafe.

For whole and half hog orders you will be able to specify how your hog is cut, which portions are cured and smoked, and how large to cut the roasts, chops, and steaks. Customers are responsible for submitting cutting instructions to butcher, paying processing costs (~$100-$150 per half), and picking up finished product from butcher (Lake Geneva Meats in Lake Geneva, WI) or from our pick up location in Chicago in early/mid November.  More information on pick up day and location will be made available by newsletter in late October.

Please email Farmer Yoram at SandboxOrganics@Gmail.com for more info or Sign Up Here.

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Photo Credit: Emily Mei Helle