Worker Share Program


In exchange for a Summer Farm Share, Worker-Share Members at Sandbox Organics commit to working 18 weekly shifts on the farm over a 22-week period.  We ask that our Worker-Share members adhere to an agreed upon work schedule established between the member and farmer. They can expect to work together with the crew on seasonal tasks such as helping with seed-starting, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, packing Farm Shares, or even staffing our market stands throughout the main season.

Participating as a Worker-Share Member allows individuals a unique way to be involved with Sandbox Organics. Keep in mind that farm work is challenging.

All Worker-Share Members meet with the Farmer before the start-date of their position. This meeting is to clarify the duties of the position, sign the Worker-Share Agreement Form, and ask/answer any questions that the Worker-Share Member may have about the program.


If you are interested in becoming a Worker-Share Member at Sandbox Organics, please contact